PdMC was pleased to be part of a consultant team in 2015 that helped to prevent Stage 3 (50%) water rationing for the island of Santa Catalina under a contract to Southern California Edison (SCE).  SCE recently wrote to the Team:  "Thanks again for the great work you've been doing for SCE, particularly your recent work on the Catalina Island water supply challenges."  Paul Teensma, Power Production Department/SCE

"You have been an outstanding Team member and your two year committment to the success of the Pier F Project has been greatly appreciated by Berg CM and The Port of Long Beach.  We are looking forward to another opportunity to work together!"
Deborah Berg, President of Berg CM

"Pieter . . . thanks for all your assistance in this successful project!"
Board of Directors at Encantamar, Laguna Niguel regarding our completed entrance monument wall recsontruction in 2013

"Pieter:  You are the only Engineer I know of that is open to new knowledge and information.  What you have been willing to learn has made you far more knowledgeable than your competition."John L. HolwitzFounderSuper-Krete International, Inc.-World wide Concrete Restoration Experts