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Company Profile

PdM Consulting, Inc, as part of a consultant Team, has been awarded the Construction Management/Resident Engineering for the construction of an Electrical Infrastructure and Primary Metering project at the City of San Bernardino Water Reclamation Plant.

- City of San Diego Certified SLBE # 17PD1439
- California Certified (Micro) Small Business # 1093222
- County of San Diego Small Business
- DUNS # 83-106-2935

PdM Consulting Inc, was founded in 2009 for the purpose of providing the services shown below to clients from Municipal Agencies (Cities, Counties, and Sewer/Water Districts) to commercial/industrial builders.

Our contract staff consists of acknowledged experts in fields such as Construction Management, Civil Engineering Planning and Design, Drainage Analysis, SWPPP, WQMP’s, Mapping, underground wet utilities and Agency CIP projects.  We have Registered Civil Engineers and Certified Construction Managers on staff with an average of a minimum of 25 years’ experience.  Our Principal is also a QSD.

Principal: Pieter de Monchy, PE, QSD, CCM

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